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CIMER Profile User Accounts & Accessing Surveys

Visit the CIMER Portal and select “New User?”. You will be prompted to enter an email and new password for your account. Although not required, additional profile fields may completed such as institution, position, and discipline. If you have been assigned a survey in the Platform, a CIMER profile has already been created with the email address provided by your administrator.

Visit the CIMER Portal and enter your email address and password. Once logged in, you can access your assigned evaluation surveys as well as mentor and mentee training curricula.

Log into the CIMER Portal and click on My Surveys > Surveys to Take. Your assigned survey(s) will be listed on the page. Visit the Taking a Survey on the CIMER Assessment Platform slides for more information.

A unique password was provided in the invitation email from your program administrator. If you cannot locate that email or recall your password, contact CIMER Customer Service at Alternatively, you may select “Forgot Password” on the CIMER Portal to receive an email to reset your password.

Log into the CIMER Portal and select My User Profile > Change My Password to receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

Yes, you can create a new account by selecting “New User?” on the CIMER Portal. However, you will not be able to access previously assigned surveys or saved curricula associated with other email addresses from your new account. 

Survey Administration

If you are interested in administering surveys to assess Entering Research implementations or to use the Entering Research Learning Assessment, contact For other implementations, contact

A base survey is a core group of questions within a parent project that cannot be edited. Survey administrators select the base survey that aligns most closely with their evaluation and assessment needs. Visit the CIMER Assessment Platform page for more information.

Two types of questions may be added to base surveys: Curated Scales and Custom Questions. 

Curated scales are questions groups developed by the CIMER team to align with a particular topic or activity. When creating a survey, administers can choose from a pre-populated list of scales. 

Custom questions allow you to ask additional questions specific to your program. There are four types of custom questions that may be added: Single-Select, Multi-select, Matrix, and Text-entry.

Visit the CIMER Assessment Platform page for more information.

Survey sections may be rearranged throughout a survey. Survey questions may be rearranged within each section, but not between sections. To move sections or questions, select the three horizontal bars to immediately to the left of each section or question.

On the Survey Management page, find your survey and select the Preview “magnifying glass” button. In the preview, select “Print This Page” and change the printer destination to “Save as a PDF.”

Users may be uploaded as Mentors, Mentees, or as Mentor/Mentee pairs. Survey Administrators are responsible for selecting the appropriate option depending on their users’ training and/or research experience. Paired survey data is available only if users are uploaded as Mentor/Mentee pairs. 

First, make sure that the spreadsheet is saved as a CSV file and that the names and emails follow the correct format as listed on the upload page. Next, check that all the emails are entered correctly as valid email addresses. If your CSV file follows the correct format and you are still having difficulties uploading, contact

Visit the Slide Presentations section for more information on how to assign a survey in your project group.

If this happens, wait 1-2 minutes. Sometimes the Assessment Platform needs time to process. Do not hit the button again; doing so will assign users multiple surveys. If the page does not change after two minutes, navigate back to the Survey Management page and try again. 

Once assigned a survey from a program administrator, users receive an automatically generated email. There are several possible reasons why users may not receive their email invitation.

Reason 1: Their email address had a typo when they were uploaded as a user

Solution: Check whether their email was entered correctly by selecting Assign/Notify from the Survey Management page. If it was entered incorrectly, use the manual upload feature to enter their correct information and re-assign them the survey.

Reason 2: The email was redirected to their spam, junk, or clutter folder

Solution: Ask the user to check their junk, spam or clutter folder. In some instances, a users’ IT department may have marked the message as spam and deleted the email.

If the above solutions do not resolve the problem, the user should contact to be sent alternative login instructions.

Once a survey is administered, user information may not be edited; this includes the user’s first name, last name, and email. However, administrators may use manual upload to enter the user’s correct information and re-assign them the survey.

Once users have been assigned to a survey, they cannot be “un-assigned.” If it is imperative that a user be unassigned from a survey, contact

The Assessment Platform tracks individual responses and only sends reminders to users who haven’t completed the survey. It’s automatic!

Reports of aggregate survey data may only be viewed once a survey is closed.

No. Once a survey is closed it cannot be reopened.

Survey administrators can view how many users have completed the survey on the Survey Management page but cannot access which users have completed their survey. The only way to access identifiable information in the Assessment Platform is with an approved IRB. For more information, contact your project group administrator or

Raw data cannot be accessed until a survey is closed. Survey administrators may download de-identified raw data for evaluation purposes only. If you would like to download de-identified data for research purposes, your IRB approval number must be provided. For more information contact your project group administrator or

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