Mentoring Up

Our mentor training materials are designed for those who wish to implement process-based, professional development workshops for research mentors. You may choose one of our complete, pre-assembled curriculum packages or build your own customized curriculum to meet your needs. The goal of our mentor training is to accelerate the process of becoming an effective research mentor by providing mentors with an intellectual framework, an opportunity to experiment with various methods, and a forum in which to solve mentoring dilemmas with the help of their peers. By the end of the training, mentors will have articulated their personal style and philosophy of mentoring and have a toolbox of strategies they can use when faced with difficult mentoring situations.

Topics in Mentor Training- UPDATE

The following topics are included in our mentor training curricula:

  • Maintaining effective communication
  • Aligning expectations
  • Assessing understanding
  • Addressing equity and inclusion
  • Fostering independence
  • Cultivating ethical behavior
  • Promoting professional development
  • Articulating a mentoring philosophy
  • Enhancing Work-Life Integration
  • Promoting Research Self-Efficacy

All curricula are based upon the published curriculum, Entering Mentoring.

Complete Mentor Curricula


Complete curricula are organized by discipline

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