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Events in August 2021

  • Facilitating Entering Mentoring Session 1 @ UW Madison (online)

    Facilitating Entering Mentoring Session 1 @ UW Madison (online)

    August 2, 2021

    • Session 1: Experience research mentor training (part 1)
    • Session 2: Experience research mentor training (part 2)
    • Session 3: Experience research mentor training (part 3)
    • Session 4: How to implement research mentor training across modalities
    • Session 5: Practice facilitating research mentor training
    • Session 6: Implementation resources and planning

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To view  current and future workshop dates, visit Entering Mentoring Facilitator Training (train-the trainer) workshop site.

If you are working with research mentees/trainees check out our Entering Research Curriculum Development Institute to find out how you can learn to enhance or create a program to be used directly with trainees.

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