CIMER Assessment Platform (CAP)

The CIMER Assessment Platform is an electronic survey platform housed at the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER). The platform is used to collect individual or paired survey data across programs, institutions, and organizations.

The platform was developed by researchers to streamline data collection across multiple sites using common metrics. Key features were built to ensure that teams can collaborate across institutions and organizations to easily administer surveys, access data, and compare data across groups.

Key Features

  • Teams have project autonomy to determine how to set up their project in the Platform
  • Team project administrators have full control of survey administration, including which team members administer surveys and access data
  • Surveys include base questions for comparing data across groups that can also be customized for each site
  • Users can be surveyed individually or as a pair with aligned survey questions (e.g. mentor and mentee pairs)
  • Teams own their data and can access it at anytime
  • Formal reports and datasets are automatically generated at both the individual site level and the aggregate level (across all sites)
  • Survey users can choose to contribute to a national evaluation dataset on research mentoring relationships
For more information on the Assessment Platform and its key features, see the CIMER Assessment Platform slide presentation.

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