CIMER evaluates evidence-based and culturally-responsive interventions designed to improve mentoring relationships. This includes mentorship education interventions that are part of CIMER Curricula such as Entering Mentoring, Mentoring Up, and Culturally Aware Mentoring. 

CIMER also collaborates with external groups to evaluate other programs, such as institutional training grants and undergraduate field and research experiences.

Evaluation Collaboration

CIMER collaborates with external groups and partners to evaluate different aspects of research mentorship and the mentor/mentee relationship. Examples of evaluation collaborations include measure consultation, measure development & testing, and survey administration. 

Below are questions to consider if you are interested in a partnership with CIMER:

Are you working on a project that contributes to the science of research mentorship? 

Are you interested in collaborating with CIMER on measure development, testing, or the assessment of outcomes related to research mentorship? 

Are you submitting a grant proposal and interested in consulting with CIMER on measures to assess your project outcomes?

Contact cimerassessment@wcer.wisc.edu to learn more about evaluation collaboration.

CIMER Assessment Platform 

The CIMER Assessment Platform is an electronic survey platform that was developed by researchers to streamline data collection across multiple sites using common metrics. 

The Platform is housed at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and is used to collect evaluation data on CIMER Curricula and fee-for-service events, including Entering Mentoring, Mentoring Up, and Culturally Aware Mentoring. The Platform is also used for data collection with CIMER partners and collaborators.

The Platform has key features that allow researchers to easily administer surveys, access data, and compare data across groups. Key features include:

  • Customizable data collection design
  • Multiple administrative levels to control access to project data
  • Survey administration options for individual user or paired user data collection
  • Automatically generated reports and raw datasets at the individual level (each event) and aggregate level (across multiple events)

Through fall 2021, the Platform has been used to collect data from 13,300 users across 600 unique data collection events.