CIMER Assessment Platform (CAP)

The CIMER Assessment Platform (CAP) is an electronic survey platform housed at the Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research. Accessible through the CIMER portal, the platform is used to collect individual or paired survey data across programs, institutions, and organizations using both common and customized assessment metrics.

Why use the CIMER Assessment Platform?

The platform was developed by researchers to streamline data collection across multiple sites using common metrics. Key features were built to ensure that users can easily administer surveys, access data, and compare data across groups.

Key Features

  • Program administrators have full control of creating and administering their survey and monitoring data collection
  • Surveys include base questions used across all groups but can also be customized
  • Program administrators have can access and download survey data
  • Formal reports and datasets are automatically generated at both the individual level (each site) as well as the aggregate level (across all sites)
  • Mentors and mentees/trainees can be surveyed individually or as a pair with aligned survey questions
  • Survey users contribute to a national evaluation dataset on research mentoring relationships

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When is the CIMER Assessment Platform the Best Choice?

  • When there is something being tested or measured across multiple different sites/locations (such as an intervention being tested at multiple sites)
  • When a group wants to ask common questions across a variety of different surveys at different locations
  • When mentoring relationships and experiences are being examined


Survey Administration

The survey administration process (set-up, rosters, launch, reminders, close, results) can be completed by one central administrator for the whole group OR by each individual site on their own

Survey Content

Surveys in the platform are comprised of three types of questions: core questions, curated scale questions, and customized questions. See the table below for a description of each type when using CAP to collect individual survey responses for an Entering Mentoring mentor training implementation.

Survey ComponentDescription 
Core Questions
  • Standardized questions that are included on all surveys within a parent project
  • These questions can be examined across all sites/participants in the project group
Curated Scale Questions
  • Scales that are used commonly, but not required for all surveys within a parent project
  • These scales are commonly used in assessing mentoring relationships and can be examined on a national scale
Custom Questions
  • Customized questions that individual sites add to their survey
  • Questions are unique to each individual site

Survey Results

Results (both the individual sites and the larger group have immediate access to these results):

  • A formatted report and raw dataset of the survey results for each individual site (includes all questions on their survey)
  • An aggregated formatted report and raw dataset of the base survey questions for all sites
  • All data in all results is de-identified

Curated Scales

The CIMER Assessment Platform houses a collection of scales about the mentored experience and relationship which are supported by research

  • Currated scales can be added to any survey
  • Results from currated scales are visible across all surveys and groups, leading to a national dataset of these measures
  • Curated scales are an opportunity for groups to beta-test their developing scales
  • See a complete list of the scales as well as information about each, visit the CIMER Measurement Library