Training Evaluation


CIMER provides evaluation of CIMER Training Services that are requested by individuals, institutions, and organizations seeking to optimize research mentoring relationships. Evaluation surveys include standard base questions so that aggregate data can be compared across implementations nationwide. Site hosts can also add customized questions to collect site or training specific information.

CIMER Training Service Evaluation Process

Evaluation surveys are created by the CIMER evaluation team and contain base questions that align with each type of CIMER training service. While the base survey questions cannot be changed, site hosts may add customized questions to collect site or training specific information. 

Evaluation surveys are housed in the CIMER Assessment Platform and managed internally by the CIMER evaluation team. This includes administering the survey, monitoring data collection, and sending reminders.

After data collection is complete, site hosts receive a summary evaluation report. The report includes aggregate data for all survey questions, including information from base survey questions and customized questions added by the host site. Raw data may also be provided with appropriate IRB protocols. 

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