CIMER Principal Facilitators can provide trainings for individuals, institutions, and organizations across the country to optimize research mentoring relationships. Learn more about each of these trainings below, including how to attend a public training hosted by CIMER or host a private training. If you have questions, please contact us at

Research Mentor Training and Managing Mentoring Relationships are all currently designed to be hosted by your institution for a group of 24-32 participants. We are currently focusing on in-person workshops offered at your institution (private) with exceptions made on a case by case basis. 

Our facilitator trainings (Entering Mentoring and Entering Research Curriculum Development Institute) are offered to the public on a first come first served basis (private trainings may be available). Registration-based facilitator workshops (generally offered at UW Madison) are offered virtually during the winter months and in-person during warmer calendar months. Registration costs are per person and do not include travel and hotel costs for in person trainings.

Mentor Training

Mentor Training For all career stages. Mentors of research trainees learn to

  • Align expectations
  • Articulate a mentoring philosophy and plan
  • Assess understanding
  • Cultivate ethical behavior
  • Enhance work-life integration
  • Enhance cultural awareness
  • Foster independence
  • Foster well-being
  • Maintain effective communication
  • Promote mentee research self-efficacy
  • Promote professional development
  • Reflect on diversity and establish a practice of inclusion

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Entering Research Curriculum Development Institute

Mentee TrainingUndergraduate and graduate students learn skills in

  • Research communication and comprehension
  • Practical research
  • Research ethics
  • Researcher identity
  • Researcher confidence and independence
  • Equity and inclusion awareness
  • Professional and career development
  • Mentoring

Participants become familiar with the curriculum, build a custom curriculum using a backward design approach, learn how to effectively facilitate Entering Research curricular activities, and learn to use the Entering Research Learning Assessment (ERLA) to assess research trainee learning and development. This is a workshop designed to be used with trainees in a research environment. Note, this is not “train the trainer” workshop for mentors.

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Managing Mentoring Relationships

mentoring relationships Post-docs and junior faculty learn to

  • Build research self-efficacy
  • Align expectations
  • Maintain effective communication
  • Reflect on diversity and establish a practice of inclusion
  • Enhance work-life integration
  • Foster independence
  • Promote professional development

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Facilitation Workshops

Workshops are offered online and in person. Online trainings span over one week with synchronous and some asynchronous sessions. In person workshops are held over two full days onsite. These workshops are available for private trainings as well as public trainings hosted by CIMER. 

facilitator training Faculty, instructors, staff, or administrators learn to

  • Facilitate mentor training for all career stages
  • Develop a curriculum and facilitate Entering Research to use with research trainees (mentees)
  • Build and deliver customized workshops or courses for research mentors or mentees

Entering Mentoring Workshop: Learn to implement mentor training

Entering Research Workshop: Learn to implement & develop a mentee curriculum

Facilitator Workshops are periodically hosted by UW-Madison and available for 1-3 individuals via registration. In-person workshops are offered over the course of 2 days. If you are interested in hosting a Facilitator workshop at your institution, please contact CIMER for more information.

Interested in Hosting a Training at Your Institution?

 If you are interested in hosting a private training, please contact CIMER as soon as possible to check on your date availability (availiablity may be limited due to high demand). Please complete the “Request for More Information or a Private Training” service. A CIMER staff will reach out to schedule a short consultation meeting if needed to review your goals, pricing and availability. 

Training Evaluation

The CIMER Assessment Platform is used to evaluate CIMER Training Services thereby leveraging CIMER Training Services to optimize research mentoring relationships. Standard evaluation surveys are used to assess outcomes based on the type of training being implemented.