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  • New Publication! Comparing F2F and Synchronous Online Mentor Training Outcomes

    CIMER is keeping busy with all of these new publications! The latest published on September 16, 2022, in CBE – Life Sciences Education investigates if training modality affects mentor training outcome. Read the article here

  • Enhancing Research Mentors’ Cultural Awareness in STEM: A Mentor Training Intervention

    This past May a journal article was published in collaboration with Christine Pfund, Angela Byars-Winston, and Sherilynn Black about enhancing mentors’ cultural awareness in STEM. Read the article here

  • Don’t Let Mentoring Burn You Out

    CIMER is hard at work! An article came out last month in collaboration with Christine Pfund about mentoring burnout. Summary: Mentoring is undoubtedly a high-impact and high-stakes relationship. Mentors give their time, attention, and resources to develop others. Usually a volunteer activity, mentorship goes above and beyond a person’s formal job requirements. But when a mentor ...

  • New Publication

    Evaluation of a Culturally Responsive Mentorship Education Program for the Advisers of Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Program Graduate Students was recently accepted for publication in CBE—Life Sciences Education Vol. 21, No. 3  Read the article: 

  • New Curriculum posted in the CIMER portal

    Mentor Training for Research Development Professionals is a new curriculum for training the mentors of research development professionals and is now posted in the CIMER Portal. The curriculum developers and their institutional affiliations are Paula Carney, Loyola University of Chicago, Jan Abramson, University of Utah and Kathryn Partlow, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Research Development professionals help ...

  • Sancheznieto TedX Talk “How to keep the next generation of brilliant scientists”

    Watch and read about the Tedx talk by  Fátima Sancheznieto, on the importance of mentoring to attract and retain scientists. The link to the 12 minute talk can be found in the article.

  • Dr. Angela Byars-Winston & Dr. Christine Pfund Featured In Forbes Mentoring Practice Article

    Read the 2nd Forbes article with tips by top mentoring experts on how to be a better mentor with contributions from Dr. Angela Byars-Winston and Dr. Christine Pfund titled Mentoring Doesn’t Need To Be A Trial And Error Practice. 

  • Faculty Mentor Training Program Strengthens University’s Institutional Climate

    Faculty Mentor Training Program Strengthens University’s Institutional Climate A pioneering program at UC San Diego Health Sciences serves as a successful model for medical schools looking to improve faculty diversity and success January 11, 2022  |  Nicole Mlynaryk, Bigelow Science Communication Fellow Read the full article about CIMER’s work with UCSD here.

  • Podcast: How the pandemic widened scientists’ mentoring networks

    In the final episode of this seven-part series about mentoring, Ruth Gotian and Christine Pfund outline their hopes for post-pandemic mentoring and the changing nature of other collaborative relationships in scientific research. You can listen to the podcast here.  

  • Upcoming career development webinar with Drs. Christine Pfund and Ruth GotianUpcoming career development webinar with Drs. Christine Pfund and Ruth Gotian

    Join Drs. Christine Pfund and Ruth Gotian on “Re-Examining Your Mentoring Relationship in the Current Moment” webinar!