Managing Mentoring Relationships Curricula and Training: Mentoring Up

Mentoring Up is an active learning approach designed for post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty to support development of the skills needed to successfully navigate the research training environment and proactively manage their mentoring relationships. The curricula integrate topics from Entering Research and Entering Mentoring to develop mentoring up skills. These curricula were originally developed for use with trainees across the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) disciplines.

These curricula address important topics and concepts in research mentoring and training by creating learning communities and engaging post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty in activities, assignments, case studies, and facilitated discussions to solve mentoring dilemmas and share successful mentoring up strategies.

Themes and Concepts

  • Building Research Self-Efficacy
  • Aligning Expectations
  • Maintaining Effective Communication
  • Reflecting on Diversity & Establishing a Practice of Inclusion
  • Enhancing Work-Life Integration*
  • Fostering Independence
  • Promoting Professional Development

*Unique to Junior Faculty Curriculum



Post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty can benefit from continually learning to proactively shape their mentoring relationships and their work environments. Mentoring Up training helps these early stage investigators better understand themselves and their needs and effectively navigate their relationships and climates to ensure those needs are met.


Mentoring Up is for post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty to who would like to learn how to get more out of their mentoring relationships by working their mentors to improve the mentors’ skills


Ideally, Mentoring Up is implemented by local facilitators over many weeks, months or semesters as scholars engage in their mentoring relationships. However, the curriculum can be implemented as stand-alone workshops facilitated by CIMER Principal Facilitators or local trained facilitators.

We offer customized research mentor training workshops led by CIMER Principal Facilitators. Workshops ranging from a few hours to a full day or two are available for post-doctoral fellows or junior faculty across disciplines.

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