Curricula References

Research Mentor Training

Contributions to Research Mentor Training Curricula by individuals and funding agencies are listed below.

The Research Mentor Training Seminar curriculum was originally developed by the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professors Program. This curriculum was published as Entering Mentoring by J. Handelsman, C. Pfund, S.M. Lauffer, and C. Pribbenow.

The work was then adapted across science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines through the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) and its Delta Program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with funding from the National Science Foundation (Grant # 0717731). The work was further adapted for use across biomedical disciplines with support from the National Institutes of Health (Grant # 3UL1RR025011-03S2).

A new version of Entering Mentoring was published in 2014 by W.H. Freeman and Co. By C. Pfund, J. Branchaw, and J. Handelsman.

STEM Adaptations

The original STEM adaptation were generated by a team at the University of Wisconsin–Madison: Robert Beattie, Janet Branchaw, Gail Coover, Kimberly D’Anna, Amy Fruchtman, Andrew Greenberg, David Griffeath, Jo Handelsman, Eric Hooper, Erin Jonaitis, Robert Mathieu, David McCullough, Trina McMahon, Sarah Miller, Christine Pfund, Brad Postle, Christine Pribbenow, Rae Rediske, Manuela Romero, Ashley Shade, David Wassarman, and Tehshik Yoon. Individuals making significant additional contributions to a given disciplinary adaptation are as follows:

Astrophysics Research Mentor Training Seminar
Eric Hooper, Robert Mathieu

Biology Research Mentor Training Seminar
Janet Branchaw, Kimberly D’Anna, Jo Handelsman, Christine Pfund, David Wassarman

Chemistry Research Mentor Training Seminar
Janet Branchaw, Andrew Greenberg

Engineering Research Mentor Training Seminar
Trina McMahon

Field Biology Research Mentor Training Seminar
Ashley Shade

Research Mentor Training Seminar
Gail Coover, David Griffeath

Multidisciplinary Research Mentor Training Seminar
Robert Beattie, Janet Branchaw, Gail Coover, David McCullough, Ashley Shade

Physics Research Mentor Training Seminar*
David Ernst, Eric Hooper, Catherine Mader, Christine Pfund, Alejandro Rodriguez-Wong, Chandra Turpen

Psychology Research Mentor Training Seminar
Erin Jonaitis, Brad Postlei

Biomedical Adaptations**

The biomedical adaptations were generate by multi-institutional team including the individuals listed below:

Mentor Training for Biomedical Researchers
Christine Pfund, Christopher Brace, Janet Branchaw, Jo Handelsman, Kristyn Masters, and Lillian Nanney

Mentor Training for Clinical and Behavioral Researchers
Pamela Asquith, Eugene D. Shapiro, Anne Marie Weber-Main, Elizabeth A. Jacobs, and Christine A. Sorkness

Mentor Training for Clinical and Translational Researchers
Christine Pfund, Stephanie House, Pamela Asquith, Kimberly Spencer,Karin Silet, Christine Sorkness

Mentor Training for Community Engaged Researchers
Stephanie House, Andrea Dearlove, Kimberly Spencer, Linda Ziegahn

*The Physics adaptation was supported by CIRTL and the American Physics Society ( APS) with contributions from scholars across several institutions

**These curricula are part of the W.H. Freeman Entering Mentoring Series