Evaluating Entering Mentoring & Mentoring Up


CIMER provides evaluation services to promote and systematize the evaluation of Entering Mentoring mentor training and Mentoring Up mentee training workshops that are led by facilitators in their local contexts. For more information on attending Facilitator Training to learn how to implement research mentor training, visit the Training page.

Evaluation surveys are housed through the CIMER Assessment Platform and include standard questions so that aggregate data can be compared across implementations nationwide. Facilitators can also add customized questions to collect site or training specific information.

Standard evaluation surveys are typically administered post training and are available for all types of Entering Mentoring implementation, no matter the length or venue.

Entering Mentoring & Mentoring Up Evaluation Process

Surveys are created by the CIMER evaluation team and are based on the topics addressed during the training. All evaluation surveys include questions assessing workshop satisfaction, mentoring skill gains, changes in behavior, and demographics.

Step 1

Inform us of your training

Contact us 3 weeks in advance

Step 2

CIMER creates evaluation survey

Customized questions may be added

Step 3

CIMER administers survey

Reminders are sent as needed

Step 4

CIMER sends evaluation report

Aggregate data for all survey questions

Step 1: Inform us of your training and provide implementation details

Contact the evaluation team to inform them of your training by submitting the Google Form at least 3 weeks before your end evaluation date. The form will require you to provide implementation details such as training dates, times, length, expected number of participants, location, curriculum focus, and customized survey questions. Due to high national demand, timely completion of this form ensures that evaluation can be provided.

Step 2: CIMER creates evaluation survey

The evaluation team creates an evaluation survey based on the information collected in Step 1 and sends a draft to the facilitator for approval. Customized questions and revisions are incorporated as needed.

Step 3: CIMER administers evaluation survey to participants

After the training is completed, the facilitator sends the participant names and emails to the evaluation team. The evaluation team uploads participant information into the CIMER Assessment Platform and distributes the survey to the participants. The evaluation team monitors data collection and sends reminders as needed.

Step 4: CIMER sends summary report

After data collection is complete, the evaluation team sends the report of the aggregate survey data. This includes descriptive survey data, including information from any customized questions or scales. The report is only shared with the facilitator(s) and any relevant individuals at the site requesting evaluation.

Step 5 (optional): Raw survey data

To obtain de-identified raw survey data for research purposes, an IRB approval number is required to ensure that the data is protected. After the IRB approval number is provided, the evaluation team will send a CSV file of the de-identified raw data. De-identified raw survey data is also available with appropriate IRB approval.

For more information on the evaluation process or to arrange evaluation for your training, contact evaluation@med.wisc.edu.