Evaluating Research Experiences


The CIMER Assessment Platform may be used to evaluate research experiences by looking at the alignment between mentors and their mentees on various aspects of the mentoring relationship. Examples of questions that could be explored are:

  • How does the mentor’s assessment of their mentee’s skills align with the mentee’s self-assessment of their own learning gains?
  • How does a mentor’s self-reported effectiveness compare with their mentee’s assessment of the mentor’s effectiveness?
  • How does a mentor’s assessment of their level of cultural diversity awareness compare to their mentee’s?

The platform allows for mentors and their mentees to be uploaded as pairs, allowing their survey data to be aligned. Mentors may be matched with more than one mentee. To ensure accurate data collection, the mentee name will appear at the top of the mentor’s evaluation survey. Evaluation reports are provided which contain aggregate survey data for the mentors and mentees. The raw dataset is available (with IRB protocols) for further analyses between the pairs.

For more information on evaluating mentoring relationships, contact CIMERassessment@wcer.wisc.edu.