Facilitate Your Entering Research Training & Curriculum Development

Ideally, Entering Research is implemented by trained local facilitators, typically research training program directors, over many weeks, months, or semesters as trainees engage in their research learning experiences. However, components of the curriculum can be implemented as stand-alone workshops facilitated by CIMER Master Facilitators or local trained facilitators. Entering Research training materials for undergraduate and graduate trainees are available on the CIMER website. A hard copy of the curriculum is available from Macmillan Learning.

Those interested in becoming an Entering Research Trained Facilitator are encouraged to attend Facilitating Entering Research, a two-day workshop for leaders of research training programs (undergraduate or graduate) who want to build and deliver a customized workshop or course for their research trainees. Participants will become familiar with the Entering Research curriculum, practice facilitating training components, and develop a plan for implementing the training at their institution or organization.