New Curriculum posted in the CIMER portal

Mentor Training for Research Development Professionals is a new curriculum for training the mentors of research development professionals and is now posted in the CIMER Portal. The curriculum developers and their institutional affiliations are Paula Carney, Loyola University of Chicago, Jan Abramson, University of Utah and Kathryn Partlow, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Research Development professionals help researchers become more successful communicators, grant writers, and advocates for their research. The curriculum authors are members of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) and they saw an opportunity to add mentor training to the NORDP Mentoring Program. The resulting curriculum is an adaptation of the Entering Mentoring curriculum and was produced in collaboration with members of the ICTR, NRMN and CIMER mentorship teams.

Faculty Mentor Training Program Strengthens University’s Institutional Climate

Faculty Mentor Training Program Strengthens University’s Institutional Climate
A pioneering program at UC San Diego Health Sciences serves as a successful model for medical schools looking to improve faculty diversity and success

January 11, 2022  |  Nicole Mlynaryk, Bigelow Science Communication Fellow

Read the full article about CIMER’s work with UCSD here.

Upcoming career development webinar with Drs. Christine Pfund and Ruth Gotian

Picture and title of upcoming webinarJoin Drs. Christine Pfund and Ruth Gotian on “Re-Examining Your Mentoring Relationship in the Current Moment” webinar!

The webinar is a new new career development webinar series hosted by NRMN. Drs. Chris Pfund and Ruth Gotian will speak about the process of reevaluating these relationships to determine which direction you need to take. The webinar will occur on September 13 at 11 am CST 

You can register for this webinar by following this link. 

WCER Improving Mentoring Relationships for Next Generation of Academic Science Leaders


December 7, 2020   |   By Karen Rivedal, WCER Communications

WCER mentor training is helping a growing group of top science PhD students from diverse backgrounds become academic leaders.
WCER mentor training is helping a growing group of top science PhD students from diverse backgrounds become academic leaders.

WCER mentor training is helping a growing group of top science PhD students from diverse backgrounds become academic leaders.

In the development of future academic scientists, few individuals are more central to success than good mentors.

Mentors can help students navigate different career paths and grow their professional networks. They can be advocates, teachers, sounding boards, motivators, supporters and role models.

But what if mentors and their advisees don’t share the same racial, ethnic, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds? How can differences impact their relationship?

Mentorship education experts at UW−Madison’s Wisconsin Center for Education Research, part of the School of Education, are striving to answer these questions, while they help build more inclusive lab environments across the country and increase diversity in the next generation of university-based science leaders through mentorship education.

Since 2016, WCER researchers Christine Pfund and Angela Byars-Winston have been improving the mentoring relationships between a large and growing group of the nation’s top PhD students in the sciences and their dissertation advisers. The students, all from diverse backgrounds historically underrepresented in the sciences, and their advisers are dual awardees and participants in the Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study, a research-supporting program of the renowned Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Christine Pfund, Ph.D., & John Beacom, Ph.D. to Facilitate Keynote at the National Postdoc Appreciation Week

Join us for 2020 National Postdoc Appreciation Week

The NPA is pleased to announce the 11th annual celebration of National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW): September 21-25, 2020! Graphic and logo of National Post Doc week

With challenges, comes innovation. We are excited to announce a multi-institutional collaboration resulting in the first virtual NPAW celebration!

Events include a keynote facilitated by the NPA with speakers, John Beacom, Ph.D., and Christine Pfund, Ph.D., discussing best practices for mentorship; virtual networking; and, workshops hosted by the National Research Mentoring Network and The Postdoc Academy. Here is a list of events open to postdocs across the nation.